Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tate's first week of PreSchool

Tate had his first week of Pre-school this week and he loves it :) This morning he was saying he didn't want to go and just wanted to stay home and play with toys. I told him he needed to try and go. Walking into school I was thinking it was going to be a little harder for him to say good bye... Well, nope he walked in put his back pack on the hook, turns around and says "Bye mom!" then off he goes to play. Best day so far! I was actually a little shocked because of his less than excited state this morning. He's growing up so fast. As my grandma says we need to "put a brick on his head" so he stops growing up :)
He keeps telling Bailey that since he's big now he gets to go to school but she can't go because she's little :) the first day Bailey asked and asked if we could go pick up Tate. She doesn't ask anymore, but she's not her crazy self when he's gone. She kinda just roams around not knowing what to do with herself since there's no one to bug. It's kind of weird to see this side of her, but actually kind of nice.
Today when I went to pick up Tate they were finishing reading stories and the teacher would excuse the kids as their parents came in. Tate came up to me and I asked him if he wanted to finish reading the story.. He says no.. Then there's bailey... "I wanna read stories and runs over there and sits down with the kids to listen to the book :) I think she's already ready for preschool, I'm signing her up! Lol just kidding!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Little Mommy & Dress up

Lately Bailey has really come to love her babies. She wraps them in blankets, puts them in the stroller, cart seat, shopping cart, or puts them to bed, she's their little mommy. It's so cute to watch her play. She also loves to play dress up, and thanks to grandma she has a whole collection of dress up skirts, hats, sunglasses, princess shoes etc. Every little girls dream! It's fun to see the difference between a little girl and boy. For awhile I thought Bailey would always just like airplanes and buzz lightyear, and although she still plays with boy stuff a lot she LOVES to have her girl play time. Tate rarely picks up a baby doll to play with her with, but occasionally he can be found playing dress up with her..(which I am ok with because it usually comes right off and on goes the power ranger or captain America costume to "rassel"(wrestle) in! I love the days when they play so well together and are just best of friends, I feel like I shouldn't even leave the house on these days so I don't break the streak :) Tate starts pre-school next week and I'm not sure how Bailey is going to react.  She's always so concerned to "where Tate is when he's gone, like over a friends or out with daddy.  She loves her big brother and is probably going to miss him during the mornings, but I'm sure she'll adapt and probably come to love her girl time alone with mommy!   

 Not sure why they aren't wearing shirts, but they were sure having fun together. 

 Little Mommy, she's got it down, purse on the shoulder, car seat in the stroller and about to put her baby in! 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer time fun..

It's been such a fun, busy crazy summer and I've been a horrible blogger. But.. I just got the blogger app on my phone, and I'm do excited because I'm awful at transferring my pictures to my computer and that's the main reason why I have stopped blogging.. Because my pictures were never on my computer. Well, problem solved with this little amazing app!
In no particular order here are some pictures from our fun summer..
Hiking to the waterfall, which ended up being just hiking a little ways and climbing many many many "big" rocks along the way and playing in the river.
A visit from Gi Gi  and Gradaddy! 
Fourth of July fun with the cousins!
More hiking and Rock climbing!
And camelbaks ready for some thirsty hikers
A visit to Lander from Grandma and Grandpa Couch!
(below) Camping in Jackson and sword noodle fights with grandma Hutchinson

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Swim Lessons

Tate has been taking swim lessons for the past couple weeks and LOVES it!  He's doing so well to.  At first he was shy and didn't show off his skills like going under lol.. but now he goes under all the time and is getting a little more comfortable with the swimming on his own idea.  His teacher is great and really knows the skill level of each kid and works with them where they're at.  It's fun to watch him and every now and then I'll catch him looking my way and I'll wave to him but he looks away and does his "trying not to smile" face :)  I can tell he's thinking "ya, I'm cool but I'm not going to let anyone know it" lol.   I didn't get very many good pictures, the parents sit a little ways away so its hard to get the action ones.  But here are a few that turned out...
 Waiting for his turn...

 They first start out in a smaller shallow pool then go to the big "cold" pool

And this little cutie pie girl is the main reason I don't get very good pictures of Tate swimming. She's constantly combing on something or running away from me thinking she's funny.  Pretty soon it'll be her turn for swim lessons too!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Weekend

Our Easter weekend was such a great one!  Tygh had Friday off so we spent the day doing projects around the house, then that evening was egg dying night.  I put Bailey to bed because honestly I didn't want to deal with the mess she would have made..I know, I'm no fun :)  Tate was asking all week if we could dye eggs.  He would carry around the little cardboard egg dying kit everywhere with him.  So finally we got around to it. I think it was everything and more than he expected.  It was so fun to see his face light up when the eggs came out a different color, especially the yellow ones, but that's not a surprise haha.  We tried out a new (to us) park that had a bike park right next to it. I'm not sure if the kids liked the bike park or the regular park more :)  Here's some pictures of the fun...

Of course the favorite..the SWINGS!

Racing daddy down the slide..I think daddy is trying to cheat!

Dying eggs takes a lot of concentration..

And so does putting on the stickers!

AHHHHH they turned YELLOW!

Saturday night was the hit for the kids, I told Tate Saturday morning that in the evening we were going to do a special egg hunt, well that was a mistake because all say he was asking if it was time yet to do the "special egg hunt."  Finally it got dark and we did our Glow in the dark Easter egg hunt (thanks pinterest).  I have to say it was so cool, and the kids LOVED it, we will definitely be doing this again next year! 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Day

We Spent Easter this year just as our little family and it was so nice. Tate had been excited for Easter pretty much since the stores started putting out Easter stuff which was what like 2-3 months ago! There's something about the eggs that he just loves..maybe it's the fact that they're usually filled with candy lol. Every time we went to the store he would ask if we were going to get eggs. After many many disappointing grocery shopping trips of not getting any eggs and having to wait for the Easter bunny to bring them Easter finally came for him and he got more than enough eggs to make up for all those shopping trips!
Easter Bunny Baskets.. as Tate would call them
Out of Bailey's whole basket the thing she loved most was her plastic egg with three little chap sticks, she still keeps them close by today!
We have church at 9:00 so doing baskets, getting breakfast and getting everyone clean and ready for church was a little rushed but we still managed to get a few cute pictures of the kids in their Easter best!

We waited until we got home from church and after lunch and naps to do our Easter-unt (as Tate calls it..he obviously has many made up words for Easter lol). The kids enjoyed finding the eggs, and all the candy inside.
Whenever Bailey would see an egg Tate would usually jump in front of her and push her out of the way so he could it get it first. It was like he was just watching her find the eggs then pretend he found it and would run and get it lol.. pretty funny, but we put a stop to that!
Holding up their baskets full of eggs!
And ending the day with a water gun fight! Sure was one great Easter weekend!

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Tate turned three years old a week or so ago. I can't believe how big he is getting. He's grown up so much in the last year its crazy. He is such a sweet little boy and we love him so much. You can usually find Tate playing with his airplanes or buzz light years, or just pretending to fly around the room. He pretty much thinks he is Buzz. I don't think he thinks about anything else besides his airplanes and buzz's. The other day I caught him talking to his airplane he said.."airplane you're my best friend." Don't think he doesn't have friends because he has plenty who he loves, but his airplane are obviously top priority.
Tate LOVES the color yellow! I asked what kind of cake he wanted and he said "a yellow cake" so that's what I made a yellow cake with another of his favorite, yellow M&M's.
The day before Tate's birthday we were talking about what we should do that day and he said he wanted his friends over! So we had a little spur of the moment party.

One of his presents we got him was this tee ball set. Its pretty cool because you can also put the stand down and then push the button and it will pop up the balls for him to hit. He loves it! (Also a benefit for me because he can do it all by himself)
We ended the day at the park trying out his tee ball set and also the kids favorite, the swings! They were flying in this picture. Love these cuties :)
It was a great birthday!