Thursday, August 30, 2012

Little Mommy & Dress up

Lately Bailey has really come to love her babies. She wraps them in blankets, puts them in the stroller, cart seat, shopping cart, or puts them to bed, she's their little mommy. It's so cute to watch her play. She also loves to play dress up, and thanks to grandma she has a whole collection of dress up skirts, hats, sunglasses, princess shoes etc. Every little girls dream! It's fun to see the difference between a little girl and boy. For awhile I thought Bailey would always just like airplanes and buzz lightyear, and although she still plays with boy stuff a lot she LOVES to have her girl play time. Tate rarely picks up a baby doll to play with her with, but occasionally he can be found playing dress up with her..(which I am ok with because it usually comes right off and on goes the power ranger or captain America costume to "rassel"(wrestle) in! I love the days when they play so well together and are just best of friends, I feel like I shouldn't even leave the house on these days so I don't break the streak :) Tate starts pre-school next week and I'm not sure how Bailey is going to react.  She's always so concerned to "where Tate is when he's gone, like over a friends or out with daddy.  She loves her big brother and is probably going to miss him during the mornings, but I'm sure she'll adapt and probably come to love her girl time alone with mommy!   

 Not sure why they aren't wearing shirts, but they were sure having fun together. 

 Little Mommy, she's got it down, purse on the shoulder, car seat in the stroller and about to put her baby in! 

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Grandma Gale said...

Love these! She is such a cute little mommy and he is such a boy! They are adorable together!! Miss you all!