Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer time fun..

It's been such a fun, busy crazy summer and I've been a horrible blogger. But.. I just got the blogger app on my phone, and I'm do excited because I'm awful at transferring my pictures to my computer and that's the main reason why I have stopped blogging.. Because my pictures were never on my computer. Well, problem solved with this little amazing app!
In no particular order here are some pictures from our fun summer..
Hiking to the waterfall, which ended up being just hiking a little ways and climbing many many many "big" rocks along the way and playing in the river.
A visit from Gi Gi  and Gradaddy! 
Fourth of July fun with the cousins!
More hiking and Rock climbing!
And camelbaks ready for some thirsty hikers
A visit to Lander from Grandma and Grandpa Couch!
(below) Camping in Jackson and sword noodle fights with grandma Hutchinson

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Grandma Gale said...

Love it! So happy you will be blogging again! Miss you all but so glad we were part of the fun summer!